Instead of laying with cold machines

All day

I wish I were home with my little girl and keeping her warm on her sick day

I wish this day were my own

Fully mine

But Cancer grabs these hours

That I am trying to gather

To put together the best I can

To make it a life, nurturing and full

A mom with cancer

A Metastatic wife

An unemployed doctor

A writer with lament

Cobble up the identities

In a string

Looking for a little hope

In radiographic scans

Every ninety days

Stop and go

Limping along

Asking gods to grant me

Some more

A little more

To us

A mom with cancer

A Metastatic wife…


  1. I am not living your life, but I have been along side you during this journey. I don’t know what to say to let you know that it has made a difference in the way I live my life.

  2. Uzma, I came accross your “open letter to cancer” in NY Times. I cried and laughed at the same time.
    I wanted to thank you for that. I was just diagnosed last November and I am undergoing chemo right now. I am also fairly young – 37 and my younger is only 2. Your mention about your son and daughter touched me.I am happy you have a blog – I will read thru it to get more strengh and inspiration from you!
    Thank you!

  3. Hi Bhabhi, I can understand that along with everything, not being able to spend as much time with your kids as you want to can be hard. Just couple of such days hurt me, so I can barely fathom your agony. I wish and we all pray these days of fight against cancer are numbered and you can soon spend more time to things you like and love and be pain free. Love Hugs Prayers all coming your way !!!

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