A little note for my mom colleagues:

Hi All,

I know many of you have weight loss as a goal. Good luck to each one of you.

Food can be addicting. If you are an over eater, remember you are filling emotional voids with food.a good diet plan involved ways to cope with stress so your therapist Inst in the fridge or the wine both stroked by guilt and feelings of overwhelm.

Weight loss isn’t a number but a sum of healthy life changes. It’s no easy feat but can be done. Adopt a change you can sustain long term. Pick activities you enjoy rather than the peer pressure thing to do. Wear a fit bit or a gadget to assess your sleep and level of activity. It’s hard to lose weight when sleep deprived.

We all DONOT drink enough water, eat enough fiber and make little home cooked Meals due to our schedules.these are all critical pieces of weight loss and adaptation of a healthier life style.

Invest in therapy if you need to , it’s not the same as chatting with a girlfriend periodically. It has goals and commitments. It’s a under untilized treatment and most think they can talk themselves out of therapy and anxiety pretty much like you can take out your own appendix.

We all have limitation , accept those, embrace your self for who you are.

The harder you are on you, the likely you are to run back to old ways.

Mom and Physician is a tough balancing act. We have to let go of some elements. We can’t do it all. Do try. It just kills you slowly inside and take away your own dreams. Hire help. Share. Take breaks and stay real.

Much love for 2018 Uzma Yunus

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