I know it’s late but haven’t posted an update on my treatment:

So I have chemotherapy with Halaven tomorrow. I get it two consecutive weeks and then one off week.

I continue to receive Herceptin as well.

Not sure if two weeks count as one cycle or two.

I hear that my foundation one results are back and I will hear those tomorrow as well.

Halaven tends to lower blood counts and did that to me in the first dose.

I also suffered mouth sores with it. Second dose was ice chips in the mouth through the push and no sores.

I have been sick all last week and somewhat better but this was a cold and sore throat with fevers.

I have not had fever in the last 24 hours.

So a lot depends on what my blood test looks like in terms of whether I get chemo or not.

I have been going for cancer physical rehab which has been helpful but I needed to cancel last week because I was in no shape to go.

The first half of December has been a mixed bag of very low and some normal days. Thankful for days that feel normal to an extent.

Life has given me lemons but I have to work hard to find water, motivate myself to add sweetness and work to drown the bitter and tart. The lemonade doesn’t taste great every time especially with the gastritis and acidity.

It’s hard work to remain constantly hopeful and some days hope is hard to find. But those are the exact days someone will send me a message summarizing how I have supposedly changed their life and it makes me stop in my tracks and I always think, but my work isn’t done yet!

To tomorrow and some vivacious white blood cells!


  1. Thank you for the update – I think of you so often and wonder how things are going. Best wishes from all the different festivities this season, and much love.

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