Sept 23, 2017

So I start cycle #3 of Xeloda today. Unfortunately I woke up to the news of my Facebook friend with liver metastasis not responding to Xeloda and over last fifteen days ending up in hospice.I wish her an easy transition.This is what I live with emotionally.

That it could all be over in two weeks. I try to look at others who have responded and doing well. But it’s hard to turn the fears off. 

The second cycle was rough and my appetite has taken a nose dive. I can no longer tolerate desi food and spices. My hand and feet did take a hit and for the most part of last week , walking felt like walking bare feet on dry grass.

I no longer walk barefoot at home but wear padded slippers. 

Of course, none of this takes me down and I have lots of exciting things lined up for October.

I keep making the lemonade and at times add a little vodka to it.

Scans will be after cycle four.

Fingers crossed.

Cards keep coming. Thank you for the love and support!


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