It is such a nice feeling to be in your own bed. Hospital beds with their crackly plastic pillows and amazingly slippery nature are beds only in name. It feels like they conspire against you to slide you out slowly when you start up top and gradually you are wedging your heals helplessly to not slide down to the foot rest. They can turn a person into a clasp knife with their buttons and you feel like a man eating plant is about to suck you in. Having been in the hospital for three days including one stint of almost 12 hours on an ER gurney has made me appreciate the try blessing ones own bed is. The sheets are soft almost in keeping to your required level of touch and the pillow aren’t trying to create weird angles between your neck and body. I can’t stand superfull round pillows which prop my neck too much. Also because my incision is right on the back of my head it prevents me from lying on my back. So here I am so very thankful warm in my own bed, grateful to have this moment of comfort tonight. There are challenges that lurk in the back ground but for tonight my goal is a good night’s sleep , a luxury many can only dream of.So I submit my self to it gladly and wish you a very good night too.

Uzma Yunus ( Status post craniotomy aka cutting open of the noggin’ on 04/07/2017)


  1. Yes the comfort of our own bed we take for granted till a stent in the ER or hospital. I too am recovering from a Craniotomy 2/2/2017. Wishing you the very best as you heal and adjust to your new normal. Grateful to be Alive but must say coming out of anesthesia was scary,

  2. So glad to hear you are home and safely esconsed in your own cozy bed. I’m amazed at how strong and resilient your body is. Hoping you feel better and stronger each day. Hugs and love xox

  3. Uzmad – My prayers are with you. The comfort and warmth of our own bed that envelops us with the warmth and coziness of peace and comfort should not be underrated. Rest and recharge.

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