Today I tell my daughter to be fierce, to be who she wants to be, to grow wings, to fly, to refuse limits that others try to put on her, be herself , not mold to what others expect but get others used to what she is capable of.
Live large my little girl.
You are a whole person and being. You weren’t born to follow, you were born to lead. You can do anything you want. Remember that!

They will tell you ” girls don’t do that” , you show them.

Let all those dont’s fuel your strength and aspirations.

Tell them your mom was her own person. She broke the ceilings and walls. Tell them you will do the same.

The world needs strong women. Ready to take on, ready to be proud of being women, ready to be fierce.

Lead the way, my girl, lead the way!

Your path may have obstacles but there is always a way around it.

Your gender is part of who you are not what you are.

Be a girl, Be a mighty girl, Be fierce!


Love, Mom


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