Disagreeing with others on Facebook:
1) It is Ok to disagree with someone’s opinion. However it is not OK to directly accuse them of something without understanding their position.
2) Just as your opinion is dear to you, the other person might feel exactly the same way.
3) if you have strong opinions about a topic, voice it on your wall. Be vulnerable enough to say what is on your mind rather than chasing others with your disagreement. Open your self up rather than trolling others.
4) Scrolling away is an option always.
5) Facebook community is huge, Not every post is meant to instigate you personally. You are not that important neither am I.
6) It takes all kinds to make the world.
7) I am here to connect with like minded people not looking to change you.

8) Swearing and inappropriate language reflect who you are not me.

9) There is an unfollow, unfriend and block button. They help greatly with maintaining sanity.
10) There are times, a facebook discussion will help someone understand things from a different perspective, for that you have to be kind and engaging. Relentless harassment is not the way about it.
11) Good ways to end a discussion is bringing Hitler, KKK or ISIS in it. Unless the discussion is about them.
11) There is a person behind that opinion. Try and remember that.
Love social media 🙂


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