Responding to Nancy’s point ‘s blogging challenge:

1. I lived at home till about 25 and then picked up and moved alone half way across the globe.

2. I have circled around the earth once.

3. I can burp on request.

4. I can read four languages.

5. English is not my first language.

6. I hate mathematics

7. I draw and sketch.

8. I don’t know how to swim but recently started to learn.

9. I am allergic to Adriamycin

10. I hate peeling potatoes and cutting cantaloupes

11. I cannot stand the smell of a boiled egg.

12. I dont have my gall bladder.

13. I enjoy talking to strangers and make friends easily

14. I enjoy traditional Pakistani and indian food and cook it too

15. I dont have a  middle name


  1. I like your list! I hate peeling potatoes too which is why I am always left with just half. English is not my first language either and I def. can’t swim. I also fear the ocean even though I was raised on an island.

    Nice to learn more about you.

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