Returning to Life

I look in the van and see cheerios to be cleaned

the projects from school need a home

There is crusted milk underneath the fridge drawer

and some mail that is unopened

and the toys need sorting

and the discs are in the wrong case,

There are carry out containers in the fridge

with food that isn’t mom’s cooking

Some buttons need their shirt back

some socks have lost their best friend

There is dirt in quiet corners

some of the house and some of the soul

The jewelry sits in bunches

there are clothes on the floor

But I tell myself it’s OK

for I have been” doing cancer”


There are books to be read with kids

there are stories to be told

there is fun to be had

and warmth is in the store

There has to be a routine again

There has to be the nightly ritual

There has to be a normal rhythm

and a harmony to occur

But I tell myself it’s OK

for I have been doing cancer


There is mending, there is healing

There is diet and exercise

There are tests to be done

and follow ups to be had

There is sorting and cleaning

and storing and leaving

It’s all lurking out here

just as soon as I am ready

Ready to leave my hospital gown

and wear my mommy hat

and to stop being a patient

and ready to just be

And I tell myself we are OK

I will be doing life now.

And I tell myself I am Ok

since I am done doing cancer now!


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