Uzma Yunus, MD, the creator of this blog and my beloved wife of 17 years, breathed her last on Wednesday, January 30, 2019. She was laid to rest on February 3, 2019 at Memorial Park Cemetery following a wake and memorial service made beautiful by the love of friends, family members and many fans of her writing who attended.

Uzma wanted this blog to continue and had added me, her husband, Dheeraj Raina, MD as an admin/author. It will take some time to figure out how this blog will be continued. In the meantime, please order, read, review and recommend her book Left Boob Gone Rogue, published a couple of months ago and available on Amazon.




  1. I am deeply saddened by this. She loved you all so much. She has moved on to a different phase of existence. You may not be able to touch her but I’m sure she is with you always. I found her blog while recovering from breast cancer. I was stuck in the bed after my double mastectomy surgery. I found her words to be both touching and inspirational. Continue the blog….I would say to write about your family and your life with her. I will be tuning into any blogs you post.

    1. Thanks QueenyCC. I am glad you found her blog helpful. I like your suggestion about the direction of the blog.

  2. Hi,Just a small miss- the date of her burial must be February 3rd and not January 3rd.                    Thanks

  3. Oh I am so sorry and sad to hear this. I will definitely look up her book. My prayers and love are with you all at this very sad and difficult time. What a truly inspirational woman from a fellow rogue left breast cancer, so far, survivor. XxxX

  4. Dr. Raina, I am so happy you will be continuing Uzma’s blog. She put her heart and soul into it along with her book, Left Boob Gone Rogue. I have a copy of Uzma’s book and highly recommend it.

  5. As a breast cancer survivor, with a daughter who has fought metastatic breast cancer for 5 years, Uzma was an inspiration and an honest voice. I grieve her loss and pray she is enjoying her eternal reward. And I send my love and sympathy to her family.

  6. To write that Uzma’s passing is a great trajedy is an understatement with no foreseeable end. I was recently introduced to her beautiful book by a friend who is a breast cancer survivor. No doubt, my friend was and is ravaged by similar fears and sadness and thought that I would find the book enlightening as she did. Enlightening indeed, as well as, heart-wrenching, heart-felt, inspiring, triumphant, and thousands of other superlative adjectives that the English language has yet to discover. As a surgeon focused on breast cancer reconstruction, my daily interactions with my patients will forever be more synchronous, empathetic, and encouraging. To paraphrase one passage in her book, the longitidinal aspect of life is forever shrinking beyond our control while the horizotal impact is at our discretion. Through her brilliant mind and eloquence, Uzma has and will tenderly and positively impact countless other women through their journey during the fight of their life. From all the souls affected by breast cancer, thank you.

    1. Dr. Ochoa – thank you for this tribute. It gives me great solace to reflect on her impact on so many lives.

      Would you mind writing a review of her book on Amazon?

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