As I have said often, the only thing certain with cancer is uncertainity. . Last year, I was immersed in it. Different kind of challenges kept popping up , treatment and other wise.

I was being treated with Halaven ( Epirublin) which although kept me stable for 3 months, casued me severe neuropathy. I took a few falls and my balance was ruined. For a period of time I was using a walker and periodically used a wheel chair.

My blood sugars went completely out of sorts and they contributed even more to the lack of balance.

To top it all , I was running unexplained fever.

All of this started early June and did not abate until end of August completely. The Halaven stopped working and it was time to move on to another agent. This time it was Navelbine which I am currently on.

In between all this, the part of my skull that had been operated upon started to hurt. On MRI , they founf three spots in need of radiation. I went through five sessions of high intensity radiation during which chemotherapy was suspended.

Now I am back on chemo but my liver seems unhappy and I get pain from it off and on.

The challenges have been numerous but for now I am working hard to deliver my book “Left Boob Gone Rogue” in your hands this month. So stay tuned.

Also the blog has been update and will be up and running. Please leave in comments what you would like to hear about.

Much love,



  1. Dear Dr. Uzma, Thank you for sharing your story. I just ordered your book today Left Boob Gone Rogue from Amazon as we all learn from each others stories. Sending thoughts, prayers and best wishes.

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