Metastatic breast cancer is an ongoing struggle
A lot of people don’t realize that treatment for stage 4 breast cancer never ends. “I often get asked how many rounds of chemotherapy or infusions I have left, but the truth is there’s no endpoint,” says Uzma Yunus, a psychiatrist who has stage 4 breast cancer that’s spread to her liver and skull. “I will be on a medication until it stops working, and then I’ll look for the next agent that might help.”


  1. Clearly I’m ignorant but I thought that when you had no signs of cancer or no tumors left that the treatment stopped! What is your chemo schedule?

    1. Her cancer has metastasized.
      But even when you have no evidence of disease, you may still be in treatment. If your invasive cancer is estrogen positive, you’ll probably be taking drugs to turn off that faucet for 5-10 years. Yes, even after menopause.

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