I have practiced psychiatry for almost 20 years. I have helped people learn and understand things about themselves as a profession. Change takes time and patience as well as introspection and willingness.Social media has changed our ways of coping and understanding things so has increased ability to communicate through text and internet.

We are becoming more and more reactive as a society and are generally losing our ability to be patient and focus on things. We are compelled to constantly react to stimuli thrown at us and we are forced to respond in this online life of ours. The actions are immediate and reactions are immediate. We are changing as a whole in how we process things around us and how we respond to them.

We react before we have all the facts , form opinions based on knee jerk reactions. This is leading to great emotional volatility and stress. 

We while we embrace technology must remain aware that we have a choice about what to allow in and what to shut off, what we need to respond to and what we don’t . We still have choice and discretion. Just because it’s accessible doesn’t mean it’s permissible .

It feels like the whole world is losing their mind sometimes and it’s partly because of this ready access to news and ideas and reactions to them in millions.

People get agitated over minor issues and lose their tempers. Because they are emotionally exhausted and spent having used up their resources over issues they barely have control over . 

Like a smoldering ember ever ready to catch fire. Talking about controversial things is charming and exhausting. At the end of the day, if you don’t learn from the discourse , it’s just wasted time.

Swearing like an idiot does not make anyone look dignified! It’s easy to make a fool of yourself by seeking attention but that would fill the void you seek to fill.
Maintain your sanity , don’t react to everything !
Be kind to yourself !


  1. This is so dead on. Thank you for capturing in clear, concise words how social media is affecting us. Every time I go on FB, I get a sense of dread in the pit of my stomach from all the horrible issues we are facing at any given moments and within 5 minutes, I feel like I need to go hide my head under a bushel. It’s really affecting me and this concisely captures the feeling. I’m trying to stay off of social media for the next few months, just checking once or twice a day but it’s so addicting.

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