Tribute to A colleague who was a victim of domestic violence
When angels lift you up

Up and up as you soar

Leaving behind

What could have been

What should have been

And What did.  

May you rise with strength

As we wish you bye

As we wish you safety

That was so lacking

When you were with us.

We failed

To see the bruises 

On your wings

And on your soul.
Wanting to tell a story

Wanting to fly away

Away from all that haunted you

Now you are safe

Now you are lifted

Now you can be

High and away

And we stay here




So we understand what made you go

So soon

Alone, afraid and threatened

Now we must reach out

To another before angels get her too

We must interrupt this journey

Of “too soon” and “so wrong”and 

Of ” heart wrenching sadness”
We must stand strong

For you my Sister

And with all other sisters with 

broken wings.

And fragmented souls .

Let’s pull them together 

So they can be, the birds who fly,

on their own.
By Uzma Yunus

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  1. Beautiful. I’m a domestic violence survivor. I just recently lost both my brothers to cancer. Thank you for sharing.

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