Compassion for others

Judging is not necessarily a bad thing. The problem is where we start. Good judgement is to start with our own selves. Reflect and introspect and when we recognize the deficiencies, fix those. Only then, can we even begin to understand the intent of others. If we understand their intent and their circumstances, judgement will no longer be necessary and instead, compassion is what we are likely to feel.

It is incredibly easy to find fault in other, to point finger and to ridicule. These days everything can be recorded, videotaped, shared and reshared for the whole world to see. And we pass judgements every single day. We label others. We write them off instead of understanding them.

This is almost always a by-product of seeing someone as the “other”. When we split someone off as the other, it is easy to dehumanize and ridicules them. What we seldom realize is that there is a slice of “them” somewhere within us too, should we chose to reflect and look for it.

We are not perfect, yet we expect perfection from others and judge if they fall short. In this attention deficient world, it is a virtue to be understanding.

Here is to finding your own compassion and understanding.


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