I just read the dreadful news of Dr. Carolyn Kaelin passing away at 54 years of age. She was a breast surgeon who had breast cancer herself and subsequently wrote two books on the topic. “Living through Breast Cancer” was a wonderful read and so was the other exercise guide book ” The Breast Cancer Survivors Fitness Plan”. I read and re-read both.As a physician I identified with her dilemmas and struggles.

As I was going through my treatments, her words were inspiring and precise. I learned a great deal from them and I felt that she was my mentor through all of it.

Just as I was starting to wonder whether I needed to continue blogging and consider if I should or should not write a book, this event occurred. I realized with intensity that I was connected to Dr. Kaelin through her words and she will continue to heal others through her words and writing. I cried for her today.

Sharing one’s struggles openly is such an incredible gift to others. Today I experienced what some of you have told me, that my words inspired you and have helped you. I felt the strength of the connection of words tofay. I felt today like a friend died. Her untimely death  inspires me to continue sharing my journey with you all. RIP Dr. Kaelin, you live through your words.



  1. Oh, I’m so terribly sad to hear that Dr. Kaelin passed away. I had her book, “Living Through Breast Cancer” and read it cover to cover during my breast cancer experience. What a sad day, such a very young and compassionate woman. Please, do write your own book. I’m sure that your personal experience and the fact that you’re a medical professional will help many.

  2. I am sorry. I haven’t read her books but I understand there’s a connection with those who have had similar experiences to us. Every time someone dies from breast cancer (or ovarian cancer) or any other cancer, it affects me in some way. I think part of it is because we also fear for ourselves. We want to hold on to the good stories. I just wish there were more.

    There was a young singer I used to listen to when my grandma was sick with ovarian cancer. Her songs helped me deal with my sadness. Then years later, this singer got breast cancer (at 28?), then she died at 37. It hit me like a rock.

    Write your stories.

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