Today is a very significant day , no , not because it’s Amazon deal day. It’s a very important day for me.This day propelled me into action and a new course of life. This day I got , a not so gentle reminder that life is short and that I had needed that reminder. Today exactly two years ago, the breast surgeon said, ” I am so sorry!”

Now every time , I look in the mirror I realize that life is short but it’s richness is what I still have control over. My days are now measured in quality, smiles , gratitude, good deeds and experiences. The seconds, minutes and hours matter but I have no say in the total count. So rather than obsessing about it, I will continue to make the best of what I can change and rest I will accept with gratitude. Each waking moment without pain is a gift , every day without fear is a blessing.

Two years ago, I was unaware of what resided inside of me until I had to summon all that I had , to fight the illness called Cancer. My life since then has followed this post cancer trajectory with little victories along the way but what I value most is how it has changed me for the better.

When they said don’t sweat the small stuff, I never fully grasped it because I had the option of being stressed and neurotic. After cancer, however, I try and live it every day…if I do sweat the small stuff, the stress will kill me. I understand that. I value a good night’s sleep more than a late movie or web surfing. I take care of myself. I say ” no” more often and take my emotional energy where it’s valued. I sometimes deviate but I keep trying. Friends mean so much even the ones that I have never met. Friendships are truly the essence of life. I couldn’t have gone through the last two years without friends.

I want to thank everyone for being there for me. I think there is lots of goodness in the world and that above all lessons learnt in the last 2 years, most important one is that I am one very lucky person. Life is ever changing, it’s how you appraise the change and what you make of it. And if I could, I would now break into the “Let it go ” song and start running for maximum impact😂😂


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