Its time go again:
A tribute to my sisters undergoing reconstruction

The OR is ready,
the sheets are clean and crisp,
He is scrubbed and gloved,
Slow music in the back ground,
the masks are on,
The monitors are anxious
the I/V is expectant,
All over ,once again.
It’s time to go.

And you, on the gurney,
ready to count,
till your sleep connects you to them,
quiet hours,
slow breathing,
pain and grogginess,
All over, once again,
It’s time to go.

I am trying,
again and again,
to undo what I didn’t ask for,
All I want,
is to feel whole,
whole again,
like I was,
It’s time to go.
It’s time to try
and to regain
a fraction of what was lost,
I am ready,
I am ready,
I am ready to count,
I am ready to endure the pain,
Ready to be whole again.


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