I was pretend traveling on FB when a friend of mine asked me “so where are you?” .My reply was “in the moment!!”. That is exactly where life needs to be, in the moment in the present, free of the past and liberated from the future. Just here, just right now. The goal is to appreciate the moment you are currently living in without shadows from the past or apprehensions from the future. When this happens, I breathe easy, I smile more, I laugh a lot.

Cancer leaves a person with fear of the future. I was discussing this with a patient recently who noted that someone he loves may die. My response to him was, that is true for all of us. We all may and will die. It really isn’t new information. If the present is lived well, it helps the future be the future and not become the present.

When I had had the biopsy on a Friday last year, I remember the exact moment when this thought crossed my mind….”If its cancer, what will I change about the rest of my life?”. At that point, content as I was, I said “nothing really’. One year later, I still think, no major changes except for staying grounded in the present.

One of my friends said to me during treatment, “Tragedies need not be rehearsed” that is exactly true. Every thing has a time, I have no desire to live that sooner than I need to. As far as I am concerned, its over, I have my life back and I am in the moment!

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