Uzma was an astute observer of human emotions and behavior — her own and others’. Between her diagnosis of breast cancer in 2013 and her death in 2019, Uzma wrote prolifically. Her writing was incisive, irrespective of whether she was writing to inform, persuade, amuse, or vent. She found the words to express what many of us could not. She shone a light on feelings that, but for those apt words and her willingness to say it as it is, would have remained hidden and unexamined.

As I am going through things she left us, I find writings that are clearly drafts that she meant to publish after working on them. They are in various stages of completion. I will post on this blog, under her byline, those drafts that are complete enough to hold their own. I may add commentary or other notes and adjust formatting for the sake of clarity and more comfortable reading. But I will not otherwise edit her words. I didn’t edit her words when she was alive and won’t do it when she is gone. If you do add words in the main body of her unpublished work, I will indicate clearly which words are mine.

Sometimes I come across her posts in Facebook Memories that can stand on their own as full post — some are short, and some are long. I will plan some of those selected writings into posts on this blog to have a redundant mechanism of keeping them and also so that they are easier to find than Facebook Memories. When I do this, I will make the title for the post as most of her posts on Facebook, like most of the rest of ours, don’t have titles. I will indicate the original date of the Facebook post when I add it to Uzma’s blog. I realize that many of the Facebook-to-blog posts won’t be about breast cancer, but I think you, her readers, will be okay with that.


  1. Hi Bhaiyya, thank you again for continuing her legacy. I am sure like me it would have helped many to cope with her loss. I often sense a vacuum knowing I cannot call her or talk to her but your writings are truly a blessing. Lots of love to all of you.

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