Today is Halloween, the annual homage to refined sugar in the US. As a cancer survivor, I can’t tell you how many times I have been told this, “Cancer needs sugar to live”. There is a subtle hint there for me, that I need to get off of sugar. Sugar and cancer is such a controversial topic. There are people who are absolutely sure that sugar causes cancer and then those who think its a joke.

I wholeheartedly agree that going off sugar is a great idea and the downfall of American diet is refined sugar. But I do not for one second believe, that giving up refined sugar or sugar in general offers survival advantage in the case of cancer. It certainly will help with weight loss, energy level and a sense of well being but the idea the sugar is fueling exclusively cancer cell mitosis and mutation is not scientific. Certainly calories from carbohydrates fuel cell growth but that is true for all cells, cancer or not. Cancer cells are more efficient in utilizing these resources.But limiting sugar intake is a great idea.

Most of the time I feel such thinking is trying to exert control over a life situation that it too big to contain, too uncertain, too anxiety provoking.

I got cancer, I was powerless over it, I couldn’t stop it from happening. I have done treatment and I hope its over for good. I can feel good by doing things that I believe will keep it away, like adopt a healthy life style, eat right , exercise, follow my oncologist’s advice, etc., but at the same time I need to maintain my sanity and not get all neurotic about trying to control the outcomes. Recurrences do happen despite best efforts. That’s part of being a survivor.

Today  I do intend to sneak a Twix here and there and I want you to know that if you are a survivor and afflicted with love of sugar, please don’t be scared. If going off of sugar was the answer, no  treated diabetic would ever develop cancer and all untreated ones would.

Take care of yourself, an occasional treat doesn’t hurt and life has tricked us enough.

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