Making Peace With Uncertainty

I read somewhere, being happy means being in a good mood, being joyful means your soul is in a good mood. Happiness, hope and compassion require daily practice. Neither of these can be taken for granted, neither of these descend upon you automatically. They require active engagement and mindfulness. Its hard work but doable. It takes moral courage to see the light coming through cracks.

One of the biggest challenges that any cancer survivor deals with after accepting the diagnosis is making peace with the uncertainty that seems to infiltrate life and its every fiber. The unknown lurks too close and the fear lives the bones. Every plan that is made has a hint of tentativeness and the fearful scenario of what if. So how does one live one day, a plain ordinary day like everyone else?

Life is uncertain for everyone, a moment is all it takes to reshape the path, the goals, the outcome. The moment that we sometimes so mindlessly go through. There are choices all around us, we can walk away but we don’t. We live under the delusion of “everything” will stay the same until we change it. Wish life were that way.

We have no control over life circumstances, ever. The minimal control we have is how we choose to feel. Sometimes forced laughter does lead to a real laugh. The age old cliche “fake it till you make it” does work.

Its amazing how sometimes we live the paradox of “I am so helpless and out of control ” and ” I am in control of how things should be”. It doesn’t work. Things may never change but the way you look at them, can.

Having had cancer is something I cannot change….how I feel about it is under my control. I choose to live with happiness and joy. I practice compassion and I am learning it gradually. I practice hope. There are days it doesn’t work, when I have an odd physical symptom that scares me or when I think about what I have lost, but most days I do well. I invite you too, to try and practice hope, happiness and compassion.Set sometime aside to actively think about seeing hope in your day, finding happiness in the moment and offering compassion to someone See if it works for you….I am hopeful it will!


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