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5 seconds

The diagnosis of cancer, no matter who you are is scary. However, if for change you are not, some well wisher will make sure you are. “Oh yeah now it’s life time of worry,” and “Exactly what kind of worry are you referring to?” I think. Obviously death. But death is inevitable for everyone, not just cancer patients. It’s true that cancer patients have a heightened sense of shortened longevity, but it is also a helpful catalyst for change. To fix your life, to clean out the clutter, to unload negative forces in your life. Things that people should do anyways but don’t.

Cancer makes you think. Think a lot. The words spins in your head 24 /7. I love the 5 seconds in the morning when I wake up, when my brain in still asleep, and I feel, oh it’s a new morning, then the word cancer creeps in my head. For now I will keep enjoying the 5 seconds in the morning when I haven’t still woken up to the toughest reality of my life. Good morning, it’s another wonderful day!