It’ on the bottle, it’s on the caps,
It’s on the box and on the socks,
It’s on the shower gel,
and the napkins too.
It’s everywhere,
and it’s so true,
we all need to know
we need be aware
the real life scare
that you and I share.

It is all around
a lump has been found.
The cutting,
the treating,
the constant torment,
the reminder for some
a mockery to others.
Some are living it
some have lived it
some are pink
some pink and blue
some hate it
some really do.

The ribbon reminds
what I don’t forget.
It aches my heart
when I look at the threat,
to know its October
that may be you are next,
maybe you are not.
I have had my turn and
I hope you do not.
So take your time
and be aware
we care
without the fanfare
we share
so you don’t
have to hate pink
like some of us do.

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